Yes, I am aware that my blog is broken

It’s been an interesting few days, to say the least. Home the past weekend meant exposure to Strep throat, a nasty cold, the stomach flu and various other fun instances. Luckily it’s been a week and I’ve appeared to escape relatively unscathed.

Family discussions have tended to run towards my gramma recently, and how she’s losing her memory. We’re thinking Alzheimers, and so apparently are the doctors. Mom and I were talking the past few weekends about what happens next. There’s been discussions of her moving in with my family and selling her home. I guess we’ll see what happens, really, since only time will tell.

I’ve been dared to join a few … online dating services. So I did. I’m amused by the response thus far although I’ve done nothing with the responses received. I will admit that I’m not particularily thrilled by my single status, but I don’t mind it either? Besides, the lack of self-confidence is still telling me that I don’t deserve anyone anyway. Or that I’m not good enough for anyone. So that’s making it a little more difficult to take seriously.

I spent a lot more money today then I intended to. But I have new CDs to listen to and this makes me happy. Besides. It’s payday. That’s my excuse?

Tomorrow is the Chantal concert with Lauren. I’m all excited already! We’re meeting for dinner first, then off to see Chantal and Raine. And while I won’t lie and say I’m not more thrilled to be seeing Raine, I really am excited to see Chantal as well. The best part though? Will be that it’ll be with Lauren.

My March trip to Texas is mostly set. Well. The plane tickets are booked and paid for. But there’s an underlying tension there still with all the events that have passed and I’m a little worried. Excited to be going, but worried too.

I don’t remember what I was going to add.  Couldn’t of been important.

3 thoughts on “Yes, I am aware that my blog is broken”

  1. Le blog is no longer le busted. *giggles* At least, for now. ;) Firefox wouldn’t allow that bad code, which is why it looked funny there but okay in IE. Heh.

    Online dating services, eh? You hadn’t told me that! haha. What kind of responses?

    Payday is always a good day to spend money. And whee have fun at the concert. Hee.

    No worries. It will be good, I promise. *nods* That Sunday was just a very bad day. And won’t be an indicator of your trip.

    Oops. It helps to make sure I’m not logged in as you any more after fixing the blog & before making a comment. :-$

  2. Whoo hoo. I prefer it being non-busted. Since I kinda like the layout I’ve got haha. Hmm… so ….does that make Firefox more picky and IE more stupid then, since it overlooked errors?

    Yeah, I’m on… 3, but I only have profiles for 2 right now. I haven’t done the third one? I like the eharmony one but it’s so expensive that I’m debating on whether I’m gonna pay or not.

    Payday is a wonderful day for spending money! Except now I’m like… why did I spent so much!?! I need money for vacations!

    I’m still gonna be worried :p I’m still worried that your ma is gonna hate me and kick me out!

    Hahahah yes, that might help. Silly :-*

  3. Me toooo. haha. And yes, it does. Firefox doesn’t allow buggy code. IE allows all kinds of crap that it shouldn’t. Which is why people code for IE, then have the layouts break in FF. ha.

    Hee! Do you? *giggles* I’ve semi-thought about it, but then don’t.

    It is! And you will have money. *nods* 27 sleeps, yes? haha.

    I know. But she won’t! You won’t see that much of her, except for Galveston/weekends. haha. And that was just a very very bad day. She’ll behave when you’re here.

    Sobs. I forgot. I was just happy I figured it out and fixed it. :-$

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