someday your head is going to turn and you’ll realize i’m missing, do you realize?*

  • I went out for Amanda’s birthday with her and her friends in January. Got a little drunk, just a little, and had a damn good time.
  • Finally decided to donate my hair to Beautiful Lengths. Frightened the hair dresser, cut off over 16 inches, and got lots of double-takes at work when I came back on the Monday.
  • Feb 14 to Feb 18 was the trip to Cali. Took my first connecting flights. Visited the Long Beach Aquarium. Keiran was sick all vacation. Got horribly sunburnt on the beach. STILL flaking and itchy a month later. Brozers reunion. Went shopping with Sarah and Jen. Build-a-Bear adventures and a bear with a leather jacket.
  • I spent the end of Feb and beginning of March horribly sick. Although it’s always amusing to not be able to speak.
  • Matchbox 20 Concert with Lauren in Feb. Awesome show. Alanis was really good although all old-school Alanis? Missed that. Ended up leaving show early though – feeling really gross and Lauren had a big exam next day. Still enjoyed it, still got $$’s worth.
  • Went home for gramma’s birthday and got chewed out by extended family for being sick.
  • My birthday came and went. Rather uneventfully at that, minus the sick. Which I suppose is a good thing. Which also means that I’m now 26. Hurrah. My mom, dad and sister showed up the day after my birthday and took me out to Mandarin for dinner. Gorged myself stupid on food but damn it was fun.
  • Looking to purchase a new laptop eventually. Love the old one, but it’s not doing so well recently.
  • Easter was way too early this year. Although Cadbury Mini-eggs on sale is a damn good thing.
  • Too much winter. C’mon spring. You’re suppose to be here, where are you?
  • This post has been sitting here as a work in progress for a damn long time. Time to give it up.

there ain’t nothing here at all
another month, a year that’s all
so you can tell them I’m coming
and hell’s coming with me

*Matthew Good ‘s “Suburbia”

6 thoughts on “someday your head is going to turn and you’ll realize i’m missing, do you realize?*”

  1. Keiran still had fun on vacation, even though she was sick. But oops on getting you sick, too. :-$ I like hair. It is a big change, yes, but you carry it off. *nods* It looks good.

  2. Did she? I wondered a lot about that. Haha well, it’s not as big of an oops as my Aunt getting everyone sick at Easter ;) It’s a big change, but it’s starting to annoy me. Part of me wants to change it again haha

  3. She did, yes. And okay, good point. Yay for Aunt being worse than me… but boo for the food poisoning. Do you? How would you change it?

  4. Okay, well good. Well, it turns out that it wasn’t JUST food poisoning so yeah, that kinda really sucked heh. I don’t know? Add some highlights or something. I’m open to suggestions

  5. A nasty stomach bug and a weird lagging cold. I’m lucky that I escaped most of it haha. *nods* They could. Highlights or low lights or something.

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