My tongue is lost so I can’t tell you, please just see it in my eyes

Emily hasn’t written in a long time and she’s sorry for that.  But she has this problem where she hasn’t been able to … focus on anything.  So blame her brain if you must.

Emily has been slacking.  There are a lot of things that Emily is suppose to be doing, or that she’d like to be doing, that she hasn’t been.  She owes people paintings and sketches and writings and various other artsy things, as well as the fact that she wants to do some for herself.  She needs to stop being a bad friend.

Emily went to see Darren Hayes a while ago with her friend Amanda.  She thinks it was the 15th, but she’s not quite sure.  She had a good time, even if she wasn’t really into the show.  It was more for nostalgia’s sake than anything else, since she absolutely adored Darren and Savage Garden when she was younger.  Savage Garden was one of the first tapes (gasp!) that she saved up and bought herself.  She’s not sure that Amanda had a good time, but Emily enjoyed being with her regardless.  She always does.

Emily’s been spending way too much money recently.  It’s starting to bug her, but it is the season of new CDs from favourite artists, and she’s already counting down the days to the new Matthew Good album. 

Pride Parade was last weekend, and Emily went.  Even though she wasn’t feeling good and wasn’t sure she wanted to go anyway.  But what’s not to love about naked or mostly naked men and women walking around.  Not to mention the fact that Pride Parade brings out both the beautiful boys and girls.  So there’s always plenty of eye candy around.

Emily was talking to Emily last week (here’s where there’s potential to get a little confusing).  Emily moved into her new place and got a kitty.  Emily said that Emily could go meet her new kitty.  Kitty’s are so cute and Emily’s gonna have to take her up on that. But first Emily has to remember to email Emily at work and ask her if she wants to go to get a coffee. 

Emily was also talking to Jen and Matt, two people whom she hasn’t been talking to much in the past while – both for completely different reasons.  She’s beyond thrilled to have been talking to them, because she’s missed both of them muchly.  Now she’s just got to work on keeping re-established friendships.

What else?

Emily’s friend Keiran is coming to visit in a bunch of days but not too many.  Emily is failing today at basic math, otherwise she’d have a number where it says bunch of. But yes.  Keiran is bringing her mom to Canada for a few days as well.  She’s never been here (Emily thinks, anyway) and she wants to see all the fun stuff.  So they’ll be going to Niagara Falls for a day or so, and around Toronto.  If there’s any places in Toronto that you can think of as a good touristy think, please share.  Emily would greatly appreciate it.

Emily’s found her own apartment as well.  She’s still working out all the details, but she should be moving end of August.  Emily’s excited and a little scared.  A lot of excited though. 

Emily’s all tuckered out, so she thinks it’s time to stop rambling on in third person.

This post was brought to you by Doctor Mario and Gameboy, for random reasons which no one will understand.

5 thoughts on “My tongue is lost so I can’t tell you, please just see it in my eyes”

  1. Keiran happens to think Emily is cute beyond all definitions of the word cute. Hee.

    What’s focus? I wanna know. ;) Haha. And yup. Darren was the 15th.

    You probably saw already… but there’s a widget you can add to Facebook that counts down the days to the release of Hospital Music. *giggles* But just in case you didn’t:

    There’s lots of Emily’s in that 6th paragraph. Hee.

    36 days. It makes me giggle because I had not seen this entry when I posted the # on your Myspace this morning. haha. :-$ I was going to post a ticker in there, but I was having issues with it. And Emily is correct in thinking it’s mom’s first visit to Canada. :)

    I’m still so happy for you and proud of you with the new apartment.

    Mmmm Gameboy. I still have to keep fighting myself from getting a DSLite. I don’t learn my lessons easily. *giggles*

  2. Ha, it still thinks you’re spam. Sighs. Kicks it.

    Emily happens to think that she’s just lost what was left of her mind, that’s all.

    I have no clue. Is it that thing that’s kinda keeping me awake, but mostly not? And I checked that afterwards ;)

    Hahah yeah, I saw that. He posted that in his blog. I’ve got my own counter going.

    There’s a lot of Emily’s all over the place ;) *giggles*

    Yeah? I haven’t counted them. I just know it’s just over a month.

    I’m not so happy about it today, but I blame that on being tired and depressed heh.

    Mmm yes. Awww

  3. Okay it makes me giggle that my name is a link in the comments too. ;) hah. But yes. Bad aksimet. I guess I’ll have to shoot them an e or message or something.

    Has she? Well, I’ll have to look for the pieces of it when I come up there.

    Maybe it is? I’m not sure. Or maybe that’s just caffeine. ;) *giggles* Or stress. Very likely stress, my spy girl.

    Heeee. Okies. And yeah, that’s where I found it when I looked when writing the comment. Well. Not exactly. The feed of his blog on VIRB. Because is blocked from work. o.O Hahah.

    There are!!!! I better not get confused.

    I saw how many when I was fiddling with the counter this morning. *giggles*

    Awwww. :-/ Tired and depressed sucks. A lot. :(

    :-$ I’m all “I waaaaaaaaaaaaant” then I smack myself and say “No you can’t haaaaaaaaave!”

  4. Well, that one came through with no problems… maybe it’s just being picky earlier. But yes, that was rather amusing.

    She has, or so she believes. I doubt that you’ll find them.

    I haven’t had an caffeine in days. So I doubt it’s that.

    Hahah poor all blocked.

    Don’t worry, we’re all confused in the end ;)

    You’ll have to keep me up with the count then.

    It’s alright. I’m getting used to it.

    awwwwww *pets*

  5. So it’s picky on when it decides to hate on me. haha.

    Well, maybe I will. Or maybe they’ll be found when moving?

    Aaaah okay.

    Some of the sites that are blocked amuse me. haha.

    Are we? I’m confused… ;)

    Okies. It’s tempting to comment daily somewhere with it, but that might get annoying. :-$

    *puurrrrrs, blushes*

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