Information Regarding Songs and Photos Posted in this Blog

With regards to Photographs which appear in this blog:

All photos used here are the property and copyright of myself, unless otherwise noted.   All photos are intended for personal usage only.   If you have any questions with regards to the images presented in this blog, please contact me directly.

With regards to Lyric/Song usage in Titles, Posts or anywhere else within this blog:

All lyrics used here are only intended for personal use, educational use and keeping track of work that I enjoy. No copyright infringement is intended and all songs remain the property and copyright of the original artists and writers. Songs were obtained by various sources on the internet and I do not guarantee their accuracy or error-proof. I grab them when I see them and correct what I can, otherwise they’re as is.

Songs will be removed if there are issues with re-posting lyrics.

Current songs used:

Blog title/Header: Hey Now by Augustana

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