Life’s little lessons part 1

Random lessons from today:

  1. If all the other phones are busy and your phone rings, it’s not for you.
  2. TUMS taste like slightly flavoured chalk. Yes, I remember the taste of chalk.
  3. Just because someone is there doesn’t mean they’ll take your call even though they need to speak with you
  4. If it worked this morning, it’s not gonna work again, especially when you need it to.
  5. It is not next week yet. No matter how many times I’m told this one, it still hasn’t stuck.
  6. There is no way to get the slippery pants, that are too long and too big, to stay up. Do the laundry, for crying out loud.
  7. When you need to do laundry, everyone else needs to do laundry.
  8. White-out can be fun. Too much white-out can be trouble.
  9. Summer TV can be disappointing TV.
  10. There is nothing that can beat stretching out in bed under the covers after a rough day.

2 thoughts on “Life’s little lessons part 1”

  1. So I’ve learned ;) haha

    I don’t? I just keep thinking that it IS next week. Today I was conviced it was Thursday so I don’t think that lesson is sticking. :-$

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