I’m too tired to write a title

NaNoWriMo has officially started (at least in my part of the world) and I already feel fucked over and screwed. Which is definitely not a good place to be feeling and it’s rather discouraging to begin with. I’m apparently setting myself up for failure.

This month is quite frankly the busiest month I’ve had in AGES. I’ve got an intensive two-day course on a weekend coming up. I’ve got three birthdays that I’ve promised hand-made presents for. My grandma is having surgery and I’m expected to help play care-taker. I’m covering multiple shifts at work, working overtime, and working shifts I’m not used to doing anymore. I’ll be training our new employee. And to top it all off – I think I’m getting sick again.

I fucked myself over in the pre-planning. Trouble is that I’ve got one plot in my head and a completely different set of characters talking. And I can’t put them together. So I’ve decided that I’m going to write whatever I can – be it both or something else or whatever comes to mind. I need to relax and be encouraged – two things that are seriously lacking.

I’ve wanted to do this for so long. And I’m terrified already. Although I’ve conveniently terrified my way through two pages already, so it might help to be scared? Who the fuck knows.

At least it’s still fun.

6 thoughts on “I’m too tired to write a title”

  1. Okay. Let’s try this again, and hope the internet doesn’t eat it again. :-$ And, I’m sorry for being so freaking far behind in my comments. :-$

    I’m glad that we got the miscommunication figured out, and I hope you know that I mean it when I say I am completely 100% behind you here on NaNo. *nod*

    My girl is going to be so so so busy, and so worried. If you aren’t sick already — you’re going to worry yourself sick by month’s end. :-/ *snuggles lots*

    I miss you like crazy, my girl. I love you and good luck. :-*

  2. OH! I know what I had asked in my comment that my internet ate. Is Grandma’s surgery another knee one? Or am I hallucinating you telling me that? :-$

  3. The internet just doesn’t like either one of us recently. *pets* Well, now that I know I’m not being ignored, it’s okay?

    *nods* Yeah, it’s good to have it all figured out, mostly.

    She is. And she’s already tired of it all.

    I miss you back.

    Yeah, Gramma’s surgery is another knee one. Apparently her earlier knee operation (not the last one, but one of the ones before) has broken down and needs to be replaced.

  4. It doesn’t at all. And nope, you’re not. I just forgot to check for posts. :-$

    Mostly? Lemme know what we need to figure out, so I can help?

    Awww. *petpetpetpets* I bet. :-\

    Lots and lots and lots of missing.

    When is the surgery? And I’m glad I didn’t hallucinate that. That’s not fun at all. :(

  5. Stupid internet. Okies.

    Yeah, mostly. *Nods*

    S’okay though *nods*

    Awww *snuggles*

    End of the month, literally haha. IF they still do it. Which is turning into a pretty big if.

  6. *nods, kicks it hard*

    Not gonna tell me? :-$ :P

    *snuggles* Is it? How much have you gotten written? Do you think you’ll be able to write at work tomorrow? Heh.

    *snuggles more*

    Awww. Hahah. Why is it an if now?

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