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CBC Literary Contest – With writing on the walls

CBC Literary Contest

It’s no secret that I’ve always had a dream of being an author. I’ve written since I learned how to arrange letters to make (some) sense. I’ve taken writing classes that I loved (and aced). I had a (stupid) poem published in my high school yearbook.  I’ve had  numerous blogs and journals.   I’ve self-published a poetry book.  I’ve attempted Nanowrimo numerous times. I have books and binders and hard drives full of pieces in various stages.

Yet I rarely reach completion of pieces. Or if I do… I do nothing about it.

Until a couple of months ago. Until I fell out of my comfort zone.

So not too many people know this… In fact I think the number of people who do is about 3. But… I actually did submit a piece I’d written to the CBC Literary Short Story contest.  The first submission since high school.

I didn’t place. But. Some strangers out there have read what I’ve written. I put myself out there. And I’m ridiculously pleased that I did that.

Maybe it’s time to dust off and try again with something bigger next time.

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