Just another Thursday

I lay quiet
Waiting for her voice to say
“Some things you lose,
and some things you just give away”

I accidentally bought a caffeine-free diet Pepsi today.  Which… once I’d realised it, I was rather disappointed.  I don’t like the new bottles and logos.  They confuse me when I’m in a hurry.

Last week was a lil rough around the edges.  We’re extremely short-staffed at work right now – down to the point where we’re operating at almost 50% capacity with a 50% increase in work load.  Which basically translates to my covering nearly everything outside of two specialties.  Which has lead to an increase in stress-level… about 10-fold.

Needless to say… I’ve been a little short-tempered and a little out-of-control in my binge eating.  I know I should work on getting back on track, but I know that I cannot handle that right now with everything else.  So I’m trying to just take it one day at a time and keep it (mostly) together.

Last week… one of the low-points was my own dumb luck. It had been a rough day to start with.  And on the way home I stumbled down the last two steps of the subway stairs.  Wrenched my shoulder, whacked my arm off the floor, but didn’t hit the ground.  Good, right?  Sure.  Except when I got to the other subway station, I was on my way up the stairs when I got shoved from behind.  Landing face first on the stairs.  Lovely.  I’m still debating on whether I need to go get my arm checked out – the joints in my one wrist are all crackly.  I know I should get it looked at, and I’m really just being stubborn about it, but I really really don’t want a cast before Vancouver.

Keiran and I’s trip to BC is coming up.  And we’ve got a plan now!  There’s still details to be worked out, but we’ve got a plan!

I’m in the mood to do some shopping.  I’m wanting to buy all these expensive toys… I’d like a new camera.  I want a Wii.  And games to go with the Wii.  The camera… that’s going to be something I have to look into.  The wii… will wait.

Watch me lose her
It’s almost like losing myself
Give her my soul
and let them take somebody else

Jake wanted to add something as well

*  from Strawberry Gashes by Jack Off Jill

I’m getting good at long, rambly, random updates about once a month

The past few weeks have been interesting, to say the least.  Or, well, I could say less, but who cares either way?

I just finished a mini vacation, which was wonderful.  It was, well, wonderful to have a few days off to just relax and for once not worry about moving details or vacation details or anything of the sort.

So I had two days off last week, and I decided that I was going to go to the cottage.  I miss being there for weeks on end like we used to when I was little.  I headed home after work on Wednesday, and we headed up to the cottage Thursday morning (after I bought my Matt Good tickets, of course)

Speaking of Matt Good tickets… I was at home when I was ordering them.  And we still have dial-up, although it’s high speed.  Now, the funny thing about our dial-up… when someone calls, it gives the internet connection the hiccups.  It doesn’t completely disconnect, but it doesn’t stay connected.  So, of course, my grandmother called just as soon as I hit the submit button to purchase my ticket.  And I cursed and swore and threw a fit (in my room, to prolly only Keiran :x) and lost my ticket.  Or so I thought.  So I opened another ticketmaster window and clicked on my order history.

And instead of having one single ticket on there (or so I hoped anyway, seeing as I wasn’t sure the transaction even went through) I had two single tickets.  In completely different sections of Massey Hall.  So… If anyone wants a ticket…

Anyway.  We headed up to the cottage shortly afterwards.  Where we met our first mouse haha.  Turns out that we’ve got mice at the cottage.  There was one ballsy little guy who would come out in the evening when we were watching TV and run between our feet and around the kitchen in search of food.  He would run around, dashing here and there, completely undisturbed by the fact that we were there.  We even caught him licking off cheese from the mouse traps that had deployed the night before and were waiting to be cleaned by the sink!

There were some nice storms Thursday and Friday at the lake.  The thunder was so loud that it would shake the old windows.  Lightening was flashing like crazy and it absolutely POURED rain.  Usually I love sleeping when it’s raining, all lulled to sleep.  But this was angry rain and it didn’t work quite so well.

Friday night late we headed home so that we could get up early in the morning for our regular routine of Garage Sales, Market and out for breakfast.  In the beginning of the garage sale season, I bought this semi-ugly touch lamp.  The price was right (50 cents) and I desperately needed a lamp for beside my bed at the cottage.  Mom and I were joking the other day about how we’d never find another one like it, and it was a shame.  And lo-and-behold, at the second garage sale on Saturday, I found a matching lamp!

Saturday at the cottage was beautiful weather.  My sister and I decided we were going to take the paddle boat out onto the lake.  Unfortunately some time during the past year, the rudder had snapped partially.  And an even bigger unfortunately occurred when, after an hour and a half of cleaning and getting it ready, while putting it in the water, the rudder snapped completely off.  Figures.  We made do and I wore my sister out with paddling to our cousin’s cottage and back.

Overall it was a very good vacation.

Moving date is rapidly approaching, although not so rapidly that I’m already out of time.  And, of course, I’m nowhere near ready to move.  Well, possession-wise.  Apparently I own a LOT more stuff than I realised, and, well, I’m realising it now?

I’ve spent what feels like very little time actually packing though.  Most of my time has been spent weeding through my possessions and figuring out if they’re worth holding on to.  I’ve always been a packrat.  But it’s amazing the amount of stuff I hold on to.  Some for sentimental reasons, such as letters and cards from friends, but others… makes me go wtf.

It’s also amazing how many magazines pile up when you’re not looking.  And how usesless the majority of them are.  Sure, we love reading them once, but afterwards… they just collect space.  I likely recycled about two years worth of Cosmos without a second glance.

Prior to moving day, and what should be making me a little more anxious ABOUT moving day, is vacation.  In just over a week, Keiran and her mom will be here. Which means I need to get my ass moving with cleaning and making the place livable heh.  Since, well, we might be living here, but it’s really kind of gross.  But since the roommate doesn’t seem to care about the state of the ick in the toilet, or the gross smell coming from the kitchen, someone has to.

But yes, vacation time is coming.  Keiran’s mom has never been to Canada before, and I’m hoping that we don’t completely disapppoint her?  Anyway.  We’ve planned a tour of Toronto for the Saturday.  We’ve got the Hippo Tour booked for Saturday morning, and the Zoo planned for the afternoon, as well as some driving around (with my Dad playing tour guide) and a trip up the CN Tower.  I haven’t been to the Zoo in forever… seriously, like middle school. And I’ve never been on the Hippo Tour – although I’ve seen the Hippo Tour bus quite often downtown.

I think we’re getting somewhere on our plans for after Keiran’s mom leaves.  We’re planning on going up to the cottage, and seeing a movie or two, playing some mini golf and touring African Lion Safari (another place I’ve never been haha).

So… what? See you in another month, after the rate I post at?  Haha.  Well, in a months time, I’ll certainly have lots to post about anyway.

My tongue is lost so I can’t tell you, please just see it in my eyes

Emily hasn’t written in a long time and she’s sorry for that.  But she has this problem where she hasn’t been able to … focus on anything.  So blame her brain if you must.

Emily has been slacking.  There are a lot of things that Emily is suppose to be doing, or that she’d like to be doing, that she hasn’t been.  She owes people paintings and sketches and writings and various other artsy things, as well as the fact that she wants to do some for herself.  She needs to stop being a bad friend.

Emily went to see Darren Hayes a while ago with her friend Amanda.  She thinks it was the 15th, but she’s not quite sure.  She had a good time, even if she wasn’t really into the show.  It was more for nostalgia’s sake than anything else, since she absolutely adored Darren and Savage Garden when she was younger.  Savage Garden was one of the first tapes (gasp!) that she saved up and bought herself.  She’s not sure that Amanda had a good time, but Emily enjoyed being with her regardless.  She always does.

Emily’s been spending way too much money recently.  It’s starting to bug her, but it is the season of new CDs from favourite artists, and she’s already counting down the days to the new Matthew Good album. 

Pride Parade was last weekend, and Emily went.  Even though she wasn’t feeling good and wasn’t sure she wanted to go anyway.  But what’s not to love about naked or mostly naked men and women walking around.  Not to mention the fact that Pride Parade brings out both the beautiful boys and girls.  So there’s always plenty of eye candy around.

Emily was talking to Emily last week (here’s where there’s potential to get a little confusing).  Emily moved into her new place and got a kitty.  Emily said that Emily could go meet her new kitty.  Kitty’s are so cute and Emily’s gonna have to take her up on that. But first Emily has to remember to email Emily at work and ask her if she wants to go to get a coffee. 

Emily was also talking to Jen and Matt, two people whom she hasn’t been talking to much in the past while – both for completely different reasons.  She’s beyond thrilled to have been talking to them, because she’s missed both of them muchly.  Now she’s just got to work on keeping re-established friendships.

What else?

Emily’s friend Keiran is coming to visit in a bunch of days but not too many.  Emily is failing today at basic math, otherwise she’d have a number where it says bunch of. But yes.  Keiran is bringing her mom to Canada for a few days as well.  She’s never been here (Emily thinks, anyway) and she wants to see all the fun stuff.  So they’ll be going to Niagara Falls for a day or so, and around Toronto.  If there’s any places in Toronto that you can think of as a good touristy think, please share.  Emily would greatly appreciate it.

Emily’s found her own apartment as well.  She’s still working out all the details, but she should be moving end of August.  Emily’s excited and a little scared.  A lot of excited though. 

Emily’s all tuckered out, so she thinks it’s time to stop rambling on in third person.

This post was brought to you by Doctor Mario and Gameboy, for random reasons which no one will understand.

I never claimed to be smart

So I did something simply brilliant the other day.  I picked up a casserole dish that had been in the oven for over an hour with my bare hand.  Having completely forgotten that I’d taken the one oven mitt off to grab a bowl out of the cupboard.  Brilliant eh?  My index finger and my middle finger have been nicely burnt and are this weird mix of red and white.  Which my mom says means that it’ll heal alright.  Lovely haha.  Luckily the cream that I’ve got numbs any of the burn pain, so things have been relatively normal.  I just make a lot more typos than usual.

For the long weekend, I managed to get an extra day off and we went down to Indiana to visit the cousins.  The kids are still adorable and still a handful.  Nicholas is definitely my favourite, but Preston comes in a close second.

Nicholas made me a drawing that says “I love you and I can’t stop” with a picture of a rainbow.  Preston was my shadow and loved to play peek-a-boo and tackle me when I least expected it.  He loved my fishies (my beloved Pisces necklace) and he loved to muss up my hair so I’d blow it out of my face.  Kelsey was little miss trouble but loved up anyone who would let her.  We went and saw Shrek the Third, where both boys had to sit with me.  So it ended up being Nicholas, me, Preston and my dad in the one row

We watched Nicholas play soccer and baseball.  And we watched the twins play soccer. Mom was all nostalgic for the days when I played soccer when I was little.  I brought the boys down Spiderman puzzles, which Nicholas and I put together about 4 times each.  And I was afraid they’d be a bust. I under-estimated the draw of the great spidey apparently.  Over all I had a great long weekend, and I survived with only two new bruises.

My to-read pile is becoming too big.  I need to stop wandering the bargain books during my lunch break.  Although the good reads for cheap prices saves my budget, I have no room in my tiny room for all the books I’ve bought.  But good book¦. Good prices. Haha sigh.  I need more bookshelf space and more bookshelves

I can’t think of anything else to add.

Yes, I am aware that my blog is broken

It’s been an interesting few days, to say the least. Home the past weekend meant exposure to Strep throat, a nasty cold, the stomach flu and various other fun instances. Luckily it’s been a week and I’ve appeared to escape relatively unscathed.

Family discussions have tended to run towards my gramma recently, and how she’s losing her memory. We’re thinking Alzheimers, and so apparently are the doctors. Mom and I were talking the past few weekends about what happens next. There’s been discussions of her moving in with my family and selling her home. I guess we’ll see what happens, really, since only time will tell.

I’ve been dared to join a few … online dating services. So I did. I’m amused by the response thus far although I’ve done nothing with the responses received. I will admit that I’m not particularily thrilled by my single status, but I don’t mind it either? Besides, the lack of self-confidence is still telling me that I don’t deserve anyone anyway. Or that I’m not good enough for anyone. So that’s making it a little more difficult to take seriously.

I spent a lot more money today then I intended to. But I have new CDs to listen to and this makes me happy. Besides. It’s payday. That’s my excuse?

Tomorrow is the Chantal concert with Lauren. I’m all excited already! We’re meeting for dinner first, then off to see Chantal and Raine. And while I won’t lie and say I’m not more thrilled to be seeing Raine, I really am excited to see Chantal as well. The best part though? Will be that it’ll be with Lauren.

My March trip to Texas is mostly set. Well. The plane tickets are booked and paid for. But there’s an underlying tension there still with all the events that have passed and I’m a little worried. Excited to be going, but worried too.

I don’t remember what I was going to add.  Couldn’t of been important.