My tongue is lost so I can’t tell you, please just see it in my eyes

Emily hasn’t written in a long time and she’s sorry for that.  But she has this problem where she hasn’t been able to … focus on anything.  So blame her brain if you must.

Emily has been slacking.  There are a lot of things that Emily is suppose to be doing, or that she’d like to be doing, that she hasn’t been.  She owes people paintings and sketches and writings and various other artsy things, as well as the fact that she wants to do some for herself.  She needs to stop being a bad friend.

Emily went to see Darren Hayes a while ago with her friend Amanda.  She thinks it was the 15th, but she’s not quite sure.  She had a good time, even if she wasn’t really into the show.  It was more for nostalgia’s sake than anything else, since she absolutely adored Darren and Savage Garden when she was younger.  Savage Garden was one of the first tapes (gasp!) that she saved up and bought herself.  She’s not sure that Amanda had a good time, but Emily enjoyed being with her regardless.  She always does.

Emily’s been spending way too much money recently.  It’s starting to bug her, but it is the season of new CDs from favourite artists, and she’s already counting down the days to the new Matthew Good album. 

Pride Parade was last weekend, and Emily went.  Even though she wasn’t feeling good and wasn’t sure she wanted to go anyway.  But what’s not to love about naked or mostly naked men and women walking around.  Not to mention the fact that Pride Parade brings out both the beautiful boys and girls.  So there’s always plenty of eye candy around.

Emily was talking to Emily last week (here’s where there’s potential to get a little confusing).  Emily moved into her new place and got a kitty.  Emily said that Emily could go meet her new kitty.  Kitty’s are so cute and Emily’s gonna have to take her up on that. But first Emily has to remember to email Emily at work and ask her if she wants to go to get a coffee. 

Emily was also talking to Jen and Matt, two people whom she hasn’t been talking to much in the past while – both for completely different reasons.  She’s beyond thrilled to have been talking to them, because she’s missed both of them muchly.  Now she’s just got to work on keeping re-established friendships.

What else?

Emily’s friend Keiran is coming to visit in a bunch of days but not too many.  Emily is failing today at basic math, otherwise she’d have a number where it says bunch of. But yes.  Keiran is bringing her mom to Canada for a few days as well.  She’s never been here (Emily thinks, anyway) and she wants to see all the fun stuff.  So they’ll be going to Niagara Falls for a day or so, and around Toronto.  If there’s any places in Toronto that you can think of as a good touristy think, please share.  Emily would greatly appreciate it.

Emily’s found her own apartment as well.  She’s still working out all the details, but she should be moving end of August.  Emily’s excited and a little scared.  A lot of excited though. 

Emily’s all tuckered out, so she thinks it’s time to stop rambling on in third person.

This post was brought to you by Doctor Mario and Gameboy, for random reasons which no one will understand.

So this might be cheating…

Fact 333: I stabbed a fork into my finger

Most of you know this already. At least, those of you that I talk to often do anyway. But, I think it was Easter weekend, I got a brand new set of utensils for my apartment. I was all excited. They were these silver and blue ones in this nice wire basket sorter. With those pain in the ass little plastic twists that you have to cut off.


Being brilliant (that was a day of the dumbs for sure) and being unable to locate the scissors, I got a knife. Now, I’m not entirely stupid, so I knew well enough to cut away from my body. I managed to cut through the spoons, and the first set of forks with no problems.

I started sawing through the second last piece of plastic. And I shifted my hand to get a better angle. And it worked, it cut a lot faster. Unfortunately I didn’t realise this fast enough. And the plastic broke and my fist smashed into the forks.

Instant pain. And reaction was to curl my fingers and pull them back. And when I brought my hand away from the basket and towards my body, there was a fork sticking out of my pinkie finger. I didn’t think, just reacted, and pulled the fork out.

Blood everywhere. Almost gushing. Just the sight of it made me queasy (and writing about it now is making me squeamish) I grabbed the napkins off the top of the fridge and shoved them around my finger and sat down on the floor before I threw up or something. The world was spinning pretty good at that point haha.

I already had gauze in the apartment. Once I could open my hand again (jesus it hurt), I washed up and wrapped it up in gauze and went to work. Ahaha and preceded to gross everyone out to the point where everyone was telling me repeatedly to go to the clinic. Which I eventually did the next day (I think) when it started to sink in that I couldn’t move it right, that it was a nasty shade of purple and perhaps I did do some bad damage. (Which turned out to be tendon damage which has finally mostly healed)

Now I’ve just got a small scar on my pinkie. And when the weather turns bad quickly (and I’m not looking forward to winter) it hurts like a bitch.