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Everything’s been rather one-sided recently. Every time I call someone, they all sound like they’re trying to figure out why the hell I’m calling them. And no one really wants to listen either – I can hear that in the repeated uh-huhs and silences. You don’t wanna talk to me? Then why’d you pick up the phone in the first place? Home, work, same thing. But whatever. Why should I expect anything else.

Still waiting to here what vacation dates I requested got approved, and which got rejected. I could say that I’m not still horribly disappointed at the way things turned out with the birthday-vacation thing, but that’d be a lie. I’m still taking my vacation though, and I’m still getting to see Keiran. Which is special in its self, and I’m really excited over it already, but it’s just gonna be a regular vacation instead. IF ONLY I COULD GET APPROVED DAMNIT.

I hate insomnia. I slept an entire 3.5 hours last night, plus a few 10-minutes-then-jerk-awake-for-no-reason. And there was absolutely no reason for me to be awake. I was exhausted from running around yesterday. My eyes wouldn’t stay open, but my brain wouldn’t shut up enough to let me sleep. It was a classic “shut up brain or I’ll stab you with a q-tip” moment. I took a sedative at 4:30 in an effort to get a few hours sleep… and I woke up at 8. So yeah, that worked well.

The ear-saga is on-going. And going and going and going and going. I don’t know. I’m slightly optimistic right now because the most recent drug they gave me actually seems to be doing slightly good? But I won’t bore anyone with details.

My cousin called last week to say that they’re planning on Baptizing the twins in May. And they’d like us to come. Now to weasel a vacation day from Hannah so that I can go. She said she has no problems with switching out a few, once we’re approved. And if she does? I’ll take a personal day. Religious reasons.

There’s a big indoor garage sale in two weekends. I’m excited! I love garage sales.

I can’t think of anything else.

4 thoughts on “blah blah blah blah blah”

  1. You shoulda called me then. :p

    I hope they tell you soon because yes they need to. :$ And because I wanna know for certain that you’re going to be here. Because I can’t wait for you to get down here again. And ma’s been teasing Windy, teling her you’re coming. ;)

    Insomnia bites. I wish I could help you sleep. :-\

    I’m glad the new meds are working. I’ve got my fingers crossed.

    Heee. Yay personal days? ;)

  2. I did call you then :p you did the same thing.

    He will as soon as he can? And I know. But I shall get down there. Hahah poor poor kitty.

    It does. I’m really not a fan of it.

    Kinda. Now if I could shake this headcold they might work a little better.


  3. Sob, did you? Did I? :-$ I’m sorry. I suck. We know this.

    *bounces more* He needs to like now. haha. :-$ And you’d better! *clings*

    I’m not a fan of you having it either.

    :-/ We’ve gotta find a way to get you betters.

  4. You did, but it’s all okay :-* I don’t mind so much when you do it.

    *giggles* He does, yes. And today I shall bug him because there’s no excuse not to? Or so I think anyway.

    Sigh stupid it.

    I’m working on it! I swear!

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