And I know I was worth it – ’cause if I wasn’t worth it that makes me worse off than you are

I’m feeling a little random, let us start a list. (apparently I’m feeling all multiple too, since I’m the only one writing said list)

  • I want to participate in NaNoWriMo, however I don’t know. I don’t know what in the world I’d write about. There are millions of mini pieces of fiction on my hard drive (okay, maybe not a million, but damn quite a few) but I don’t know how to write anything more than a few pages anymore. And nothing I write ever ends up finished.
  • At work, they want me to go take some classes. Apparently they’ll pay for some of them. I would love to. I just have to make it fit in to my schedule. Am I crazy to want a certificate in the Psychology of Disasters? I might be. But that has to wait until my hours become a little more regular.
  • I’ve developed an interesting love for John Mayer after having an endless hate for him. Nothing personal, I just couldn’t stand his music. I’ve turned into a hypocrit, however, because now I have a love for it.
  • The title comes from the beautiful and amazingly talented Chantal Kreviazuk and her song “Surrounded”. Which I happen to love. And those lyrics always stick with me.
  • In the apartment sense, I’ve been discovering hidden boxes of my first love – books. And oh how I’ve missed my friends. I’ve found various new ones that I purchased prior to moving that I desperately want to curl up and read now. Problem is I’ve still got library books that are first priority. Since, you know, those ones have to go back.
  • Speaking of books… Library sale this weekend! Prices have gone up in the past years, but it goes to a good cause and is still cheap. Sure they’re a little worse for the wear, but it’s worth it. I love expanding my library. Although now I’m gonna have to find new places to put them all. I talk like I’ve bought a lot already :-$
  • Two concerts coming up. First two in what feels like ages. Tori Amos with my old best friend from highschool (ironically named Emily as well) and her boyfriend. At least, I think that’s the plan. I’m not 100% sure yet, but we’ll figure it out closer to time. Then the wonderful Matt Good. That is the concert I’ve been anxious to go to. The concert that I post-poned my summer cottage vacation to buy tickets to haha. I hope he’s feeling better soon though. It sucks to go to a regular job when you’re sick. I can’t imagine how it would be to perform when you’re sick.
  • Keiran’s coming to visit in a few days. I should be writing a list of things I have to do before she gets here instead of this BS of a list.
  • I am finally on the verge of not being sick. For real this time! 5.5 weeks of being ill off and on sure makes a person miserable. I’m not “better” yet, but I am feeling a heck of a lot better. Thank goodness. Now watch – now that I’ve said that I’m gonna be in trouble. I’d better figure out when they’re giving out flu shots this year.
  • I’ve had enough of this. I’ve had enough of a lot of things recently… I’ve had enough of being pushed around. But I am the type of person who’ll just shut their eyes and take the beating. That’s always how I’ve been.

Okay. The End.

2 thoughts on “And I know I was worth it – ’cause if I wasn’t worth it that makes me worse off than you are”

  1. I hope you’ll try NaNo. It’s scary and frustrating and freeing and fun all at the same time. It allows you to be a bad writer, if only so you can get the good stuff out somehow.

    I used to hate John Mayer, too. Then I saw “John Mayer Has a TV Show” on VH1 and it was the funniest. I’ve grown to dig his music. I think it’s all part of his evil plan.

    I hope you have fun at Tori. I’m still on a kick.

    I just almost dropped sushi on my laptop, so that’s a sign I should shut up now :)

  2. I think it would be fun to get that certificate, especially if your work would pay for it. *nods*

    Like Diz said, I hated John before seeing that show on VH1. Then I liked him, but didn’t care for his music. I went on a big kick recently, listening everything of his I could, now I’m cooling off again. And it doesn’t make you a hypocrite. You’re just evolving? ;)

    I can’t wait to get to see the apartment with you (and the books hee) all moved in! Also looking forward to seeing Matt with you. And hopefully Lars!

    I miss you. :-*

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